Blog Prompts

Blog Prompt #1: The Beginning

Genesis (n)- the origin or mode of formation of something

            Class, this first blog prompt marks the beginning of your personal blog posts for your independent novel (cue screams of joy and utter excitement)! Through these different blog posts, my goal is for you to realize that you have a voice and that your voice matters. Whether you use your voice to write about what you’re reading or whether you use your voice to tell the story of your life, know that your voice is important. Every two weeks you will be required to create a blog post about your independent novel, and we may use this blog site for various journal prompts about our class novel as well. Read below to find more details about the requirements for your first blog post! If you ever forget the assignment details, you can always check back on Google Classroom or my class blog to find out!

The Assignment: (Due Friday, September 30th, 2016)

As this is your first blog post, I want you to cover the basics about your book:

  • What is the title of your novel? Who is the author?
  • What genre would your novel be classified under? (You may have to look this up)
  • Give a sufficient summary of what you have read so far (Talk about characters, plot details, conflict, etc.)
  • Are you enjoying this novel so far? Why or why not?
  • Extra Credit: Post the picture of the cover of your book at the end of your response!

Your blog post will be graded out of 10 points and must be at least 250 words and you must respond to each of the bullet points listed above.

Be sure to use to post your response on your blog by this Friday, and please talk to me if you have any questions!